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Wellness Massage with Aroma Oils:

A relaxing massage  treats  the stressed body, mind and soul! The gentle massage and the pleasant scent of the selected aroma oil leads to a state of inner peace and balance. The natural ingredients penetrate deep into the skin layers and stimulate the nerve, blood and lymph systems.  

Medical Massage / Classical Massage:

Healing massages  have a comprehensive effect on the entire organism. They help to relax the muscles and relieve pain, as well as to improve tissue development and accelerate healing processes.

In addition to classical healing massage, other different techniques are used in the healing massage.(deep tissue, trigger-point, connective tissue massage etc).This makes it much more effective and more targeted to meet your needs.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage:

Manual lymphatic drainage is a special treatment for the removal of excess,  accumulated fluid in the tissues (edema).
Further positive effects: activation of the immune system, relieve pain, purification and detoxification, relaxation.

Prenatal Massage:

Massage during pregnancy can help to resolve tensions, strengthen well-being and alleviate discomfort.

The skin and the tissue are pampered and remain so tight and supple.

This type of massage can also be used as a loving preparation for giving birth.

Pregnancy Massage is usually performed between 2nd trimester and birth.